Excellent Teaching

Woodard Excellent Teacher

A programme for consistently good teachers with the potential to regularly deliver outstanding lessons

Programme Overview

This dynamic programme is aimed at teachers who deliver consistently good and occasionally outstanding lessons. The programme will help them in refining their skills and knowledge so that they become regularly outstanding practitioners.

The programme recognises that excellent teaching is central to any school's wellbeing. Providing excellent lessons, in which all students are engaged with their learning and make progress, is a school's core purpose. Students experiencing such lessons also tend to have a positive attitude to all aspects of school life.

The programme begins from the basis that there is a palette of techniques which all excellent teachers use and a set of dispositions which they all share. It recognises, however, that these common principles manifest themselves in a multitude of ways according to teachers' personalities and the contexts of their schools. The programme will give participants an insight into some of the best ideas around and then support them in applying these ideas to their own contexts.

We intend that this programme should be professional development in its widest sense, thought provoking and intellectual as well as of significant practical benefit. It will above all be relevant to teachers wishing to perform at the highest level and to make their classrooms as exciting and successful as possible.

Elements of the programme

During the programme participants will learn more about and reflect upon the following areas. This will help them to develop their performance so that they may become consistently outstanding teachers:

  • understanding the learning process and which classroom strategies work best
  • understanding your own personal and professional assets and how to make the most of them
  • what excellent progress looks like and how to encourage it for all students
  • ways of effectively evaluating progress and setting meaningful targets
  • ensuring all students are engaged and focussed on their learning
  • the impact of the wider classroom and school environments upon learning and your influence over them.
  • using student contributions to help refine your practice
  • becoming a better teacher without working harder

Other important information

  • the programme will provide participants with a bank of practical approaches to help develop their classroom practice.
  • after the face to face professional development day, participants will link with another colleague on the programme to share their experiences of trialling new classroom approaches. Guidance from a Wren Academy colleague will be available as part of this discussion.

Forthcoming Professional Development Dates

To book yourself on one of our courses or to find out more about any of our professional development programmes or other opportunities provided by the Hub please contact Susan.Hannigan@wrenacademy.org

Training Dates

Strategic Leadership of Teaching and Learning
Tuesday 15 May 2018

Leading Effective Teaching and Learning
Thursday 17 May 2018

To book yourself on one of our courses or find out more about any of our professional development programmes please contact Susan.Hannigan@wrenacademy.org